The bedrooms in the school !!!

The pupils can stay in school from Monday morning to Friday evening, and they can come to school on Sunday evening from 7 p.m.

During the week the rooms are closed from 7 : 45 to 9 : 50 am so that they can be cleaned. Once they are clean, the girls’ rooms will stay open all day and the boys’ rooms will stay open all day except between 12 : 15 and 1 : 40 p.m.

We have an hour to study in our bedroom which starts at 7: 45 p.m and when we don’t have lessons, we can go back to our bedroom. There are HND students to supervise us.

There is a bathroom in each bedroom and there is a cupboard, a desk, a bedside table with a bedside lamp (which breaks easily !)

There are good conditions to study very well.

So, there is a good atmosphere. During the evening, we can talk a load of nonsense… and of course fool around. A lot of fun !!!

20160321_155111                                                      A corridor


20160321_154917               A bedroom

20160321_155010                The bathroom

20160321_155130(0)              The relaxation room

The rooms of the students

The boarding school is on 3 floors. There are 2 floors for the boys and 1 for the girls and boys.
There are…
• 8 bedrooms on the first floor for the boys
• 20 bedrooms on the second floor for the boys
• 8 bedrooms on the third floor for the boys and 12 bedrooms for the girls.
The bedrooms can have from 2 to 8 students and there is a bathroom in every bedroom.


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