The Science Festival


Arts option

The goal is to develop our drawing and creative abilities. These are useful especially in the job of landscaper but also in floral art. We work a lot on plants as a starting point. We have a lot of material and equipment available which allows us to experiment with many different techniques.

European section

It is an option which approaches the teaching of English differently. Some of our classes, such as Agronomy, Biology, Ecology and computer studies are taught only in english.


There is also a rugby option where students can play rugby every week after class.

jeuène joueur de rugby



There are two buildings (of two floors each)  separated by a patio.




  • Classes for general subjects

They are on the 1st and 2nd floors.
Rooms A03 to A07 are on the first floor.
On the 2nd floor, there are rooms A101 to A107.
We’ve got video projectors in many classrooms.

  • Laboratories

On the 1st floor, there are laboratories for biology, physics and chemistry.Laboratoire

  • Art lessons and Cultural studies

There are 4 classrooms on the 2nd floor. There is a special equipment for drawing.



The library is big and we have a large choice of documents. There are magazines about horticulture, fishing, hobbies, and hunting. There are novels, comic trips, dictionaries and school books. There is a special room with computers for teachers and their pupils.We have computers in the library and a  special place to practice dialogues in English. We can borrow books for 15 daysLibrary 1 and we can extend the time if we need it.library 2