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The bedrooms in the school !!!

The pupils can stay in school from Monday morning to Friday evening, and they can come to school on Sunday evening from 7 p.m.

During the week the rooms are closed from 7 : 45 to 9 : 50 am so that they can be cleaned. Once they are clean, the girls’ rooms will stay open all day and the boys’ rooms will stay open all day except between 12 : 15 and 1 : 40 p.m.

We have an hour to study in our bedroom which starts at 7: 45 p.m and when we don’t have lessons, we can go back to our bedroom. There are HND students to supervise us.

There is a bathroom in each bedroom and there is a cupboard, a desk, a bedside table with a bedside lamp (which breaks easily !)

There are good conditions to study very well.

So, there is a good atmosphere. During the evening, we can talk a load of nonsense… and of course fool around. A lot of fun !!!

20160321_155111                                                      A corridor


20160321_154917               A bedroom

20160321_155010                The bathroom

20160321_155130(0)              The relaxation room


Arts option

The goal is to develop our drawing and creative abilities. These are useful especially in the job of landscaper but also in floral art. We work a lot on plants as a starting point. We have a lot of material and equipment available which allows us to experiment with many different techniques.

European section

It is an option which approaches the teaching of English differently. Some of our classes, such as Agronomy, Biology, Ecology and computer studies are taught only in english.


There is also a rugby option where students can play rugby every week after class.

jeuène joueur de rugby

P.E. at school

In Physical Education classes we practice different sports:
- volley-ball
- hand-ball
- climbing
- basket-ball
- acrobatic gymnastics
- body building
- soccer room
- athletics

The gymnasium is well equipped because we can play a lot of sports. The students work on 3 activities a year, one per term. These sports are very appreciated by the pupils and their sports teachers. The gymnasium was renovated a few years ago. We have 2 hours of sports per week.
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