Monthly Archives: October 2018

We visited the caves of Choranche. Before the visit of the caves themselves, we observed objects which were used by prehistoric men, they were stored in a showcase.

During the visit, a guide showed us many galleries which were full of stalactites (which start from the ceiling) and stalagmites (which start from the ground). We also admired a beatiful light show in the galeries.

It was a great day, we are very happy and thankful to have visited these wonderful caves.

We visited the resistance Memorial in Vassieux, in the Vercors mountains. It enabled us to understand the life of the resistance fighters and the hardness of the conditions they lived in.

The testimonies of the battles were very interesting as it allowed us to imagine the terrible suffering endured by the Resistance fighters. The visit also made us realise how lucky we are to live in free France.

We visited “Le Grand Séchoir” which is a walnut museum situated in vinay, in the “département” of Isère. The region is famous for its walnut trees, there are 680.000 walnut trees in the area.

During the visit, we found out that in order to be called “Noix de Grenoble”  walnuts must be produced in a particular area (Isère and parts of the “départements” of Savoy and Drôme) and they must be one of only 3 varieties of walnuts : Franquette, Mayette and Parisienne. 95% of the walnut produced are the Franquette variety.

In the museum, we also saw  old machines and we could compare them with today’s. At the end of the visit, we tasted local products made with walnuts.